Robot 6: So, the B-Squad is sort of the opposite of the A-Team, right? What was the spark for that idea?

Eben Burgoon: Yeah, like a discount version — the Blue Light Special in the back of Soldier of Fortune magazine. The spark really was born out of my love of the ’80s and ’90s action and adventure movies and television shows, but as I sat down to make my dream squad, but I found myself wanting to make more and more. Too many. I needed something to chew through them. I thought that killing them off would be a little crazy, but it occurred to me life is kinda like that — humanity has a lot of impermanence and change, and our world is full of ultimately mortal heroes; loss is part of life. So the squad, a community, can survive a loss and still be exciting. That sounded a lot more fun to write and I can use B-Squad as a vehicle to poke fun at society and action tropes — and inject this wild creative writing challenge of doing the deadly deed with a spinning dice made out of whalebone.