Eben currently offers two comic book writing workshops for schools, universities, museums, nonprofits, comic conventions, and more..
A multi-session program called, The Written Picture, and a single serving workshop called, Anybody Can Make Comics.
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A first of it's kind comic book program that pairS NEW writERS with professional artistic talent.

Learn more about early successes via interviews with
Comic Book Resources and Capitol Public Radio.

Formerly, this program was only available to a single elementary school, but Eben is now seeking to partner with any nonprofit(s) serving people with marginalized voices, educational institutions like libraries and museums, schools at any grade level, or even comic book shops. Eben is always open to new ideas and firmly believes anybody can tell a story.

Participants in the program learn many creative writing techniques to keep them inspired and excited, but also gain the focus to commit their ideas to page and ultimately communicate that to professional art team that will illustrate their 1-2 page script.

This work is all collected into a single comic book, which the publishing rights are returned to the organization or school and can be used to create additional fundraising for other programs or to showcase the amazing talent of the community they serve. 

The program is typically run over with 12 sessions, 2-3 a week, and has a production window of approximately 2 months for the artists to complete art work. 

For inquiry into cost and how to bring this program to your school or organization, contact Eben using the inquiry form.



Anybody can create a comic book. All it truly takes dedication and time. Skill comes with experience. 

Eben created a single serve workshop to teach the basics of writing a comic book and demystify the process and work that goes into their creation. After that, they work together and collaborate in groups or individually to create the basic framework for their own comic book ideas! 

Students leave with a foundation of knowledge and the confidence their words and ideas matter. 

Eben tailors these hour-plus long workshops to writers of any age and they have been conducted at elementary schools, high schools, state universities, comic book conventions, book festivals, nonprofits, and comic shops.

For more information about bringing Eben's creative writing workshops to you, contact him using the inquiry form and he'll respond promptly.


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"Eben is a gifted teacher, guiding his students through a world of fantasy and fun in a workshop all about writing in a creative and supportive environment. I tell everyone about the genius of that workshop - the genius that is Eben. How fun it was, how creative, how the story possibilities opened exponentially for each of the writers.
Don’t miss an opportunity to join him."

-Cindy Domasky, 916 Ink Inspirator

"My fourth grade students were educated about all things comic books and were inspired to even write some of their own! Eben enthusiastically spoke to a group of our low-income, English language learners about the comic book process and motivated many students to create their own comic books. The students spoke about their experience creating comics with Eben for a very long time! He truly inspired our kids embrace literacy in the form of comics. I know that Eben’s time spent on our campus was an experience none of my students will soon forget."

-Mrs. Pierucci, Woodbridge Elementary

"I was lucky to work with Eben on one of his comic book programs and I am still in awe from watching him teach a class of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders how to create with own comics. If that was all he accomplished - a room full of interested and creatively sparked kids, that would absolutely be enough. But no, Eben also builds the children's self-confiende to a point that not only are they able to effectively and eloquently pitch their story ideas to a group of adult artists, they also browsed our portfolios and thoughtfully picked which would do the best job for their story! Eben is a great writer, a gifted teacher, and simply someone who can make anything happen!

-Mike Gray, Illustrator